Visiting our neighbor Greg at Bethany Pacific

Our neighbor Greg was in an accident a few weeks ago and was in critical condition for a long time. When my human Victor got the news that Greg was now out of critical condition and at Bethany Pacific rehabilitation center located in Everett, he didn’t waste any time getting it cleared for us to go visit Greg there.

We had not been to Bethany before so Victor went in at first without me so that he could find where Greg’s room is and check things out for our visit. It wasn’t long until Victor and I were visiting with Greg.

Tucker wth our neighbor Greg

Tucker with our neighbor Greg

Tucker wth our neighbor Greg

Tucker with our neighbor Greg

Tucker wth our neighbor Greg

Tucker with our neighbor Greg

We had a nice long visit with Greg. After our visiting Greg, we visited ten to fifteen more people there too. Greg will need to be there another two or three months so we’ll be back to visit him and while there will again visit anyone else who wants us to stop by.

It’s always great to put a smile on someone’s face and it seems that people like to smile when I’m near… so I like to get as near to as many people as I can.

My 2,000th Therapy Visit!

Yes, a few weeks ago I made my 2,000th Therapy Visit at Mission Healthcare! It was so exciting and fun to just be there and having my 2,000th Therapy Visit made it that much more enjoyable!

My human Victor and I got to be with a lot of people as we normally do that day. And what was so cool was that on that day, Paul, whom we’ve visited many times before was the 2,000th person we as a team were with on that special Thursday.

Paul with Tucker 2,000th Therapy Visit

Paul with Tucker 2,000th Therapy Visit

Paul with Tucker 2,000th Therapy Visit

Paul with Tucker 2,000th Therapy Visit

Paul with Tucker 2,000th Therapy Visit

Paul with Tucker 2,000th Therapy Visit

It’s always great fun being with Paul! For Paul to be our 2,000th Therapy Visit, really made his day too!

Passing my Re-Assessment for being a Registered Threapy Dog

Two years ago I passed my first assessment to become a Registered Therapy Dog. Wow, now I’m getting really close to having 2,000 Pet Therapy session. Before my 2,000th one, the time for my Registered Therapy Dog re-assessment had to occur.

My human Mary scheduled her husband Victor’s and my re-assessment for last Friday, August 22nd. We got to the location a few minutes earlier than was scheduled so that I could get out stretch my legs and do my business. It was a good stop because it helped me loosen up and get a whiff of the smells and sounds in the area before the testing started.

When we pulled in through the gates, I saw and heard a couple of dogs. They were nice dogs. I really liked that I got to see them before I got out of the truck. Because they were put up before I got out of the truck, when I smelled the areas that they were in, I had an idea of what they looked like and of how nice they were. This too helped me loosen up before the testing started.

When my human Victor and I walked up to the evaluator before the re-assessment started, she seemed very familiar to me… and she was indeed someone I knew. She is the person with whom two years ago almost to the day, I did my first assessment. She is really nice and I like her a lot!

She told us what we would be doing and if we had any questions. I didn’t have any questions. I just wanted to give my love to her and do my best during the re-evaluation.

We got started and as normal, I just treated it as another time to give my love to someone as I’ve done these last two years for almost 2,000 pet therapy visits. I loved each moment of it and gave it my best!

What was so cool was during the re-assessment, I got to actually meet one of the dogs that I saw when we pulled in. She was a Sheltie named, Jane. She has different colored eyes; one blue and the other brown. She was so sweet and it was a pleasure for me to meet her and her handler. I wish we had time to play together and maybe sometime in the future we will.

Through out the re-assessment I did what my human Victor wanted me to do. At the end, we both passed the re-assessment with the highest marks!

Now, I’ll be able to get my 2,000th therapy visit in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to it!

December 19, 2013 at Mission Healthcare

My human Victor and I were honored to again be at Mission Healthcare. We get to be with so many people when we are there and am each time humbled by the reception we receive.

Here are some pictures of our pet therapy work that night:

AKC Therapy Dog Title

I don’t see what I do as work inasmuch as I feel it as a passion to help improve the lives of people. It is pure enjoyment for me to bring smiles to people’s faces who may not have had a any reason to smile in days, weeks, months, or longer. It is my passion and pleasure to give to them all my love and attention so to give them hope, raise their spirits and improve their outlook on life. It is my hope that I make a positive impact upon everyone I visit be it a child or elderly person or somewhere in between; my goal is the same, give to them my love and affection and brighten up their life.

It is an honor and privilege for me to be recognized by the AKC Therapy Dog program and awarded the title, AKC Therapy Dog.

Tucker's AKC Therapy Dog Title Certificate

Tucker’s AKC Therapy Dog Title Certificate

Tucker's AKC Therapy Dog patch.

Tucker’s AKC Therapy Dog patch.

The AKC Therapy Dog program is an official AKC title awarded to dogs who have worked to improve the lives of the people they have visited.